Pimp My Ride: an Xbox 360-equipped Taxi

by Frank Battiston

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Not sure if anything could beat this as the most innovative and/or insane gaming setup in the world.  The creative genius behind this is John, the taxi driver from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, pictured below.  Here are some pictures from the inside of his cab. 

image imageimage      A few specs: 

  • An Xbox 360 mounted on a custom platform
  • 2,000 watts of audio!  (This is not a typo)
  • A special compartment at the back of the cab for the Xbox controller
  • An LCD screen behind each seat and on the ceiling
  • A DVD player, storage for games and movie DVDs

Thanks to one of my colleagues (Sobey) for sharing these pics.  And, if you’re ever in Saint John, I’ve been told that John is also very responsive in case you’re ever looking for a cab.

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  • Wow – playing GTA while riding a taxi sounds fun, though I might get carried away and steal the taxi, or the nearest car in the vicinity LOL! I’d ride that taxi to the other States, just so I can experience playing a 360 inside a moving cab! Hahaha.

  • Yep…. it’s pretty cool 🙂 

  • https://goo.gl/SGvYgd

    Useful article – Apropos if people have been needing a Pimp My Ride International Application Form , my wife filled a blank version here

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