Sweet! I just scored 29.5 Million Dollars

by Frank Battiston

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photo_12138_20100204 How can one guy be so lucky?  I received a letter today via snail mail which explained that some South African tycoon died and that a bank worker there wants to make arrangements to give me 25% of his 118 million dollars (i.e. $29.5 million).  How sweet is that?  Now, I do feel sorry about the unfortunate auto accident that claimed the life of RICH GUY and his family, but hey, can’t stay in a funk for long with $29.5 mil burning a hole in your pocket.  I’m totally getting a piece of this action. I’m also quite pleased to hear I have a “REMARKABLE” profile on “MY COUNTRYS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.”  Think I’ll send these folks a Thank You e-card for the kind words.  Or perhaps a custom Snuggie Blanket for each of them.

First order of business when I get the cash is flying off to South Africa and setting up a training course  titled “Secrets of the CAPS LOCK key unveiled! Come learn what it does!”

Thanks, Mrs. Zatai.  Happy Days!

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